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Do personal footprint calculators actually drive change?

There has been rapid growth in the number of online calculators to estimate personal environmental footprints over recent years suggesting we are all taking more notice of our

own impacts. The purpose of these calculators is to educate players and encourage behaviour change to reduce impacts!

The problem with most of these impact calculators is that either they are not based on scientific limits or they do not provide options which allow users to "win". This falsely gives the impression that individual action is next to useless. This is absolutely not the case. Everyone can and must be part of the change!!! Today I came across a cartoon I made a few years ago about my own attempts to determine what to do for a "one planet lifestyle".

I must confess that I may not have disclosed my flights in calculating the original footprint (more like 10 Earths from memory!!)

PAN are seeking funding to develop a game that allows users to compete in real life to live within the planet's limits. The game will show just how much we all CAN do to create change. If you'd like to support this project join up as a member and indicate that you would like your membership donations (about 1 coffee per fortnight) to go towards this project! Maybe your company would also like to sponsor the project!!

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