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At our core, we are the custodians of the Planetary Accounting Framework. Everything we do is underpinned by our R&D programme to maintain and update the framework to remain aligned with the latest science.

Our Key Activities



We promote "living within the Planetary Boundaries" as a universal concept to increase awareness of these mission critical environmental limits and promote action by:

  • Delivering free content through our social media channels, blog, website, resources, and case studies. 

  • Presenting at conferences, webinars, and other high profile events. 

  • Publishing thought leadership articles and academic papers.

  • Leveraging formal relationships through our network of organisations and individuals to extend our reach. 

Q&A Seminar


We offer training and education to support the uptake of Planetary Accounting and Planetary Accounting Applications. We offer bespoke training modules and are about to release 3 tiers of Professional Development:

Level 1
Planetary Accounting Champion
Contribute confidently to discussions on environmental sustainability from dinner parties to the board room.

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Level 2 (Coming in 2024)
Planetary Accounting Steward
Integrate Planetary Accounting thinking into your organisations' strategy and decision making.

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Level 3 (Coming in 2024)
Planetary Accounting Practitioner
Undertake Planetary Accounting Assessments in-house or offer Planetary Accounting services to others.  

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Research Team


We establish and support applications of Planetary Accounting at different scales from individual or product, to corporate or national. Our applications range from bespoke Planetary Accounting support for organisations to PAN-led initiatives such as:

Planetary Facts
Think nutritional facts for sustainability. Planetary Facts environmental footprints of products, across the Planetary Boundaries, in scientific context. 

Planetary Targets

Scientifically derived targets for businesses, beyond carbon, to support sustainability strategy and reporting. 

PA for Regions and Cities (PARCs) 
Supporting local governments to integrate and underpin decision making with what is scientifically necessary for a healthy environment.

Let's work together

Whether you're looking to improve the environmental targets for your company or organisation, get training in Planetary Accounting, or educate your teams or clients on the latest planetary science, we can help. Contact our team to find out how.

Consulting Support

Our Initiatives

Our Focus Areas

Our PAN-led initiatives are the projects where we see opportunities for Planetary Accounting to unlock the greatest quantum of change. We work in collaboration with key partners to establish robust methods and tools for specific applications, and to generate action for systemic change.

Planetary_QR_Products_with circle label_V2.jpg

PLanetary Facts

Planetary Facts is a new approach to robustly calculate, manage, and communicate the environmental performance of products in the context of critical global environmental limits. Planetary Facts enhance business decision-making and enable consumers to leverage purchasing power to support products that are better for the planet.

We are now inviting Partners and Sponsors to join our pilot.

This work was funded by The Warehouse Group and the RiddetInstitute at Massey University, and supported through in kind time donated by Beca Ltd, and thinkstep anz.

Planetary Targets

From light-touch support to become less carbon-centric in your sustainability efforts or you need rigourously derived science-based targets across all of the Planetary Boundaries, our Planetary Targets toolkit helps companies assess material environmental impacts set targets, identify high impact opportunities, evaluate and communicate performance, and develop roadmaps to achieve your goals.

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Our Planetary Accounting for Regions & Cities (PARCs) initiative takes a systematic approach to supporting local governments to underpin environmental goals and decisions with robust science, link action with global frameworks from the Planetary Boundaries and Doughnut Economics to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and enable collective action beyond carbon. 

Get in touch

Do you have a current project that PAN could support? Are you interested in opportunities to partner on our initiatives? Contact our team today!

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