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By the end of the course participants will have a high-level understanding of climate science, Planetary Boundaries, Planetary Accounting and other global frameworks; and be able to articulate the business case for environmental action beyond carbon.




  • Kia Mua Kia Muri - The history of humankind (Available Now)
    • Geological Context for Climate Change
  • A Safe Operating Space for humankind (Available Now)
    • An introduction to the Planetary Boundaries 
  • The science of climate change (Available Now)
    • A toolkit to respond to climate deniers
  • A prescription for a healthy planet (Coming Soon)
    • An introduction to Planetary Accounting
  • The value of science (Coming Soon)
    • The business case for science-based sustainability
  • Sustainability frameworks demystified (Coming Soon)
    • SDGs to Circular Economy

Level 1: Planetary Accounting Champion

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