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"Governments need science" says WA Scientist of the Year Peter Newman

Professor Peter Newman (AO) has been an environmental activist since the 1970s when he led the campaign that brought back the Fremantle - Perth train line after it's closure in 1979.

Now 40 years later, as he completes his term as Western Australia's Scientist of the Year, Peter concludes that what is needed is scientific advisers at all levels of government. In a recent interview with ABC Radio Peter reiterates the urgency of tackling the global climate crisis. He argues that without scientific support, governments will not be able to address the long-term, complex environmental issues we are facing.

Peter's suggestion is that every level of government should have scientific advisers, and cites the British system as a model that others could learn from. Peter has been a major player in the development of Planetary Accounting - a framework that translates global environmental problems into manageable chunks at any government, business, or societal level.

Peter's speciality is in sustainable transport - he was awarded an Order of Australia for his contributions to urban design and sustainable transport - and can still be found frequenting the Fremantle - Perth line most weeks:

You can here more of what Peter has to say on the subject in his interview with Radio ABC here:

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