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Christmas Read & Watch List

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

To complement the classic Christmas watch list of The Grinch, Love Actually, and Home Alone, the team at PAN have a couple of recommendations to add to your list over the break!


Breaking Boundaries - The Science of our planet

If you've heard of the Planetary Boundaries or Donut Economics but don't fully understand what these are all about, the Breaking Boundaries documentary by David Attenborough is a very accessible overview of the science of our planet.

*Spoiler alert* - we are already exceeding many critical environmental thresholds.

The state of the planet as we know it is at very high risk of irreversible change. While the film paints a harsh reality, it also leaves us with some hope and some tangible actions everyone can take. In our view, these solutions are somewhat over simplified - however they are certainly a great place to start.


Don't Look Up

Just before Christmas last year Netflix released the movie "Don't Look Up" based on the book "The uninhabitable earth" by David Wallace-Wells. If you have not seen it, put it on your movie list and give it a go!

This is NOT a documentary - it watches like another Hollywood Blockbuster. But while the movie does not even mention climate change, it conveys a very clear call to action.

This is a great one to turn on with those loved ones who are not yet quite be on board with the urgency of the climate crisis.


Hope in Hell

Climate change is one of the most complex challenges humanity has ever faced.

This book reminds us that there is light in the dark, and that there are still many opportunities to generate change all around us. However, it also expresses the urgency that it won't remain 'not too late' forever, and that we must act fast, for our actions in this decade will largely decide the state of our future.

Kate, PAN's Founder/CEO, read Hope in Hell last month and describes it as a "must read" and "the best summary of the science I've read.''


If you have the time to give these a read or a watch, or have done so already, we would love to hear which of the three you found to be the most impactful! PAN wishes you all a very Merry Christmas, and we will see you in 2023.

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