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Planetary Facts

Simple Data, In Context

Imagine if it was easy for businesses to access, understand, and communicate the environmental performance of products, beyond carbon, in context.


Inspired by nutritional facts on food products, the Planetary Accounting Network have established a methodology that enables businesses to robustly calculate, manage, and communicate the environmental performance or “Planetary Facts” of their products in the context of critical global environmental limits; the Planetary Boundaries.*

Our Implementation Partner, Planetary Insights, has digitized this to make it easy for businesses to adopt.

We are already working with leading brands to quantify the planetary facts of their products as part of our pre-launch pilot. 

We want to bring Planetary Facts to more products and services across Aotearoa - to do this we need your help.


For every $100 we reach 20 people - your support will help drive systemic change across New Zealand.

Donate now towards supporting our mission of helping people, businesses and governments to operate within the planet's limits.
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nutrition facts meet environmental disclosures

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Planetary Facts were inspired by Nutrition Facts which communicate nutritional data such as protein, fat, and carbohydrates consistently, enabling comparison between products, and in the context of  a recommended daily intake for good health.

Underpinned by a scientifically peer reviewed framework, Planetary Facts communicate critical environmental data such as carbon, water, and biodiversity across hau (air), whenua (land), wai (water) and oranga (life) in the context of recommended environmental limits for a healthy planet.

data-insights to promote innovation

Planetary Facts are not just another eco-label. They provide the data, context, and granularity businesses need to identify hotspots, test innovative solutions, and create products that their customers want and the planet needs.

The Planetary Facts methodology brings together international standards for life-cycle assessments (ISO- ISO14044) and scientifically peer reviewed framework Planetary Accounting to achieve rigour and credibility. Planetary Facts are not about “less-bad”, they quantify environmental regeneration as well as impact and provide context of what “good” looks like.

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Planetary Facts | Tourism

Planetary Facts - Tourism

We are working with the Tourism Industry Aotearoa with support from Destination Southern Lakes to bring Planetary Facts to the tourism sector. Planetary Facts will give tourism operators the data and insights they need to offer products that restore and regenerate te taiao (the environment); and the ability to clearly and credibly communicate environmental performance to visitors.


It is not too late to join this collaboration. Get in touch today to find out more.

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