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The Planetary Accounting Network

Applied research for a healthy planet

Planetary Facts LAbelLing Pilot

Imagine a future where the impacts of products and services on our planet’s health are disclosed as transparently and robustly as nutritional information is currently disclosed on food products. A future where consumers understand the impacts of their purchases in the context of global scientific environmental limits. You can be part of shaping this future.  

There is a strong global sustainability movement. In 2019, school students took to the street frequently to protest for climate action. Over 465 ecolabels now exist in the global marketplace. Major decisions such as the ruling against the expansion of Heathrow Airport are being made on environmental grounds.  

Consumers in New Zealand are becoming increasingly conscious of the environmental impacts of their purchases. Greenhouse gases, often referred to as “carbon” have had the centre stage for some time and carbon labels have begun to appear on products in response. However, consumers want to know more. They want to understand the impacts of their purchases on biodiversity, water, air-quality, waste and more.  They want to make sustainable choices but find it difficult to navigate the abundance of ecolabels and environmental commitments.

Planetary Facts labels are a game changer.


They provide a holistic view of the “globally critical” environmental impacts of products and services, based on the Planetary Boundaries - the gold standard for global environmental sustainability. For the first time, consumers will be able compare the impacts of products and services across sectors and understand how much these are contributing to the degradation or regeneration of our planet’s health. Planetary Facts Pilot Partners have the opportunity to shape this labelling system, and to be first to market.


Want to find out how to be involved? Contact us using the form below. 

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