The Planetary Accounting Network

Applied research for a healthy planet

The Planetary Accounting Network 'PAN' is an independent, not-for-profit research centre.

We believe that living well requires a healthy planet. PAN works to enable people, businesses and governments to make decisions that will revitalise and sustain our environment. PAN have three main streams of work:

1. Planetary Accounting

We quantify what is needed for people to live within the Planetary Boundaries.

2. Applied Research

We undertake projects that will help people to live within the planet's limits.

3. Training

We offer customised training programmes from short one-hour workshops to week-long programmes and training series that last over several months.

Our goal is to create an international community of like-minded people who can work together towards living within the planet's limits.



Kate Meyer

Founding Director

Kate has a vision of world where people flourish on a healthy planet.

Kate is an engineer, a sustainability scientist, and a consultant. Her early career was focussed on sustainable building design in NZ and then Singapore. She led the environmental design for many significant and cutting edge built environment projects in NZ and Singapore before moving to Perth to set up a sustainable buildings team for engineering firm Arup.

Kate noticed a large gap between the science of sustainability and business and government policies and approach. She shifted her focus away from the built environment and started a sustainability consultancy firm in Perth, and later NZ (Ecometrics) which helps organisations understand and manage their environmental impacts. In 2014 she began a PhD to look at how to best address the gap between science, behaviour, and policy.

The result was Planetary Accounting.


Andrew Cowie


Andrew is lucky enough to live and have grown up in New Zealand.  Living well for Andrew has always meant having access to a beautiful natural environment where he and his family can swim, surf, hike, play, run, cycle etc. 


He hopes that this is a source of joy that he can pass on to his children and their children.  


Andrews current role is as a Project Manager for a leading Australasian engineering consultancy.  In this role Andrew specialises in managing technology and process led projects by working with clients to understand requirements, identify opportunities and then leading teams to implement solutions.  Project Management allows Andrew to focus on his strengths in communication and facilitation within a project and  also to take greater personal responsibility for the outcomes.


Andrew has been fortunate that his career has involved him delivering and leading projects in over 15 different countries across a very wide range of industries and afforded him the opportunity to meet and work with a lot of great people.


Andrew is an optimist and an avid technologist who believes that we will use innovation to solve problems and improve our future.  Despite this optimism Andrew is extremely concerned about  the pressing environmental issues and trends that we currently see.   One of the key issues that drew Andrew to become involved with PAN was his view that there is a distinct lack of information available that would empower people and organisations to make 'their right choice' for the environment but also for us to be able to apply innovation in a way that will meaningfully improve it.


Andrew Sharp

Board Member​*

Andrew believes all things can and should be innovated upon, and that all businesses have the power to dramatically enhance the lives of their customers and staff - and in fact have an obligation to do so.

His strengths and experience lie in setting and executing strategies to enhance businesses. He creates great, long lasting relationships across all levels of the business and customer sphere. More importantly, he gets results while staying true to his values. 

Andrew is the CEO of Bobux. Bobux and the shoe industry marks the eighth different industry Andrew has worked in. He’s found that the more different the industry and product, the more similarities still exist in scaling and running the business.

IMG_2354 (2) (002).jpg

Brigid Kelly

Board Member​*

Brigid sees the benefit in planning and focusing on positive solutions.

Brigid is a resource management specialist and has worked in a number of roles in the resource management field. Throughout her career she has been involved in considering the environmental aspects of a number of development and infrastructure projects as well as being an active participant in industry working groups and committees.


Working with a range of businesses and organisation has developed her appreciation for different approaches to environmental responsibility.  While  organisations are different, the need for reliable, quality information for good decision making is universal.


Communicating this information in a useable and understandable way is the key.

* PAN is in the process of setting up a charitable trust with these founding board members