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Planetary Accounting

Planetary Accounting is a way of translating non-negotiable environmental limits (Planetary Boundaries) - such as climate change, and biodiversity loss - into actionable, science-based targets that can be scaled for use at any level. It divides global challenges into manageable chunks so that each of us - from individuals to chief executives, city councilors, or national committee members – can play our role in restoring the planet to good health. (more info)

At the Planetary Accounting Network "PAN", our purpose is to help people, businesses and governments use Planetary Accounting. We support a broad range of initiatives, such as setting corporate Planetary Science-Based Targets (P-SBTs), "Planetary Facts" labels for products and services, and developing future visions and roadmaps for cities and regions within the planet's limits. We also offer a range of training and education support to grow awareness of the Planetary Boundaries and how tools such as Planetary Accounting could help us to operate within these. (more info)

The Planetary Accounting Network (PAN) uses evidence-based research to enable people, businesses, and governments to make the decisions needed to revitalise and sustain the planet.



Feeling overwhelmed by global environmental issues such as climate change?


Join PAN and contribute to helping people understand how to operate within the planet's limits.


We quantify what YOU need to do to operate within the planet's limits:
YOU, as an individual, an employee, a CEO, or a government official.



Overall PAN has three main streams of work: 

Planetary Science-Based Targets

We advise your organisation on setting and identifying targets to stay within the Planetary Boundaries. In addition we support you in establishing a roadmap on how to reach these set targets. 

Applied Research

We undertake research projects, which inform people on how to live within our planet's limits and how Planetary Accounting can help them in doing so.

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Talks & Training

We offer a wide range of services ranging from keynote speeches to bespoke training. The topics vary from the science behind planetary boundaries and what is involved to live within them, stakeholders and your organisations. Reporting and much more.

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