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Helping People live
within our planet's limits

The Planetary Accounting Network (PAN) works with people, businesses, and governments to quantify what is needed at different scales to return to and remain within the Planetary Boundaries.

Living well requires a healthy Planet

Planetary Accounting is a framework that translates global environmental challenges into actionable targets at any scale. Our mission is to make Planetary Accounting easy to access, easy to use, and easy to understand.

The Planetary Accounting Network (PAN) uses this scientifically-rigorous framework to simplify and contextualise complex environmental data to enable people, businesses, and governments to make the decisions needed to return to the planet’s limits.  


Our approach is unique because it can support and (crucially) connect vastly different types and scales of action, with potential applications ranging from individual behaviour change to strategic business operations, regional planning, or international negotiations. 

Aerial View of Deforestation


Members, Delivery Partners, Sponsors, and Not-For-Profit Partners


You can
make an impact

There are several ways you, your business, or your organization can get involved with the Planetary Accounting Network and help drive action towards revitalising our planet.



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We help people understand the Planetary Boundaries and how to use the Planetary Accounting framework for better decision-making.


We undertake ongoing research to advance the Planetary Accounting framework and keep it current with the latest environmental data. 

Tools & Resources

We develop tools and applications that make it easy to use Planetary Accounting across a variety of scales, industries, and use cases.

"I read your article about planetary accounting and the first time in years I feel heard...We would love to build a new narrative -  that sustainability means to act within the planetary boundaries and not to be less evil than the status quo."

- Elisa Naranjo, Einhorn.


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