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Help us to help the planet


At PAN we believe that living well requires a healthy planet. This is not something we can achieve on our own.
Our goal is to create a network of likeminded individuals, businesses, NGOs, governments, and other organisations that can work together to generate transformational change that revitalises and sustains our environment.
Join us to lead the transition to a sustainable future.



Support our cause

PAN relies on membership fees to remain in operation. By joining our network you are showing your support for the work we do. PAN is a not for profit centre so all contributions go towards the running of the organisation and the activities we do.


Demonstrated commitment to global sustainability

Members are free to use our logo and material on their website and other media outlets for branding and marketing purposes.

Influence our work

Our members help us prioritise our research focus areas. Members can direct their contributions towards specific projects and will have the opportunity to join committees to work with us and steer our direction. 

Collaborate with us

Members can participate in existing projects as relevant or propose new projects to work on with PAN and PAN members. PAN will form the platform for international collaborations with a focus on living within the planet's limits.

Network with other members

Members will become part of a network of like-minded organisations who we hope will find synergies that will help them to advance their own agendas. 

Discounted services

Members receive discounts on all of our services such as planetary accounting and training.



We appreciate our Early Adopters! Sign up as a member in 2018 and receive a 50% discount on the first year of membership!

Individual Membership

NZD $16/month

(NZD$8/month for the first year if you sign up now)

Organisational Membership


Enquire for pricing

Become a member

We also considering members who can offer in-kind support instead of funding.


Contact us now for more information.


Not ready to become a member but want to show your support anyway?


Donate now, become a sponsor, and/or like, follow, share our work – we are grateful for any level of support you can offer!

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