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Planetary Accounting Champion

Contribute confidently to discussions on environmental sustainability from dinner parties to the board room.


  • 6 x 30-minute online modules you can work through in your own time (from December 2023)

  • Optional assessment & certification


By the end of the course participants will have a foundational understanding of climate science, global sustainability frameworks including the Planetary Boundaries, Sustainable Development Goals, and Planetary Accounting and be able to articulate the business case for environmental action beyond carbon.

This is a fantastic way to improve your sustainability fluency so that you can hold your own in sustainabiltiy discussions from social events to executive meetings.

Below there are two options, you can either register for one module, or for the entire course. Please register to the option which suits you best, and we will send you an email with login details for you to begin your course. 

Module 1: Kia Mua Kia Muri - Walking backwards into the future

Module 1 sets the context for planetary limits by looking back across past geological epochs at the history of humankind from our past as hunter gathers, through the advent of agriculture and how this enabled the establishment of settled societies and the acceleration into modern society. Explore how changes in climate have influenced human development and why this is important to establishing planetary limits.

Kia Mua Kia Muri Walking backwards into the future.png

Module 2: A Safe Operating Space for Humankind - An introduction to the Planetary Boundaries Framework

Module 2 introduces the Planetary Boundaries framework which sets out the "mission critical" environmental impacts within which the risk of fundamentally and irreversibly changing the state of the planet is low. Appreciate the scientific basis of the Planetary Boundaries framework, understand the importance of looking "beyond carbon" across the full perspective of globally critical limits - and know what these are, and be able to articulate of the magnitude and urgency of the global environmental crisis at hand.


Module 3: The science of climate change, and how to talk to a climate denier

In module 3, you will learn enough about the science of climate change to hold your own in a conversation with a climate denier. It is not enough to know that "scientists say" climate change is real, man-made, and the most important challenge in human history. How do YOU know?


Module 4: The prescription for a healthy planet - an introduction to Planetary Accounting

Module 4 moves from theory to practice. Gain an understanding of the Planetary Accounting framework and how you can use it to help promote living within the planet’s limits.

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Full Course Registration - Level 1

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Module 1 Registration - Level 1

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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