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Planetary accounting

Quantifying what is needed to live within the planet's limits.

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Imagine a future where people lived well within the planet's limits. There would be no need for talk of catastrophic climate change. No constant striving for reductions. No sense of despair that we are collectively degrading our home.

Environmental accounting - measuring, monitoring, and managing our environmental impacts has been around for hundreds of years. However, for the most part, these impacts cannot be compared to scientific limits. Targets are commonly set based on feasibility, industry benchmarks, or legislation. We are managing our impacts - but we dont understand where we are going.

That's where Planetary Accounting comes in.....

Planetary accounting quantifies what we can do within the planet's limits. It answers the important question: 


How much impact can you, your organisation, your city, or your country have on the environment whilst remaining within a fair share of Earth's resources? 

How it works

In 2009, leading scientists proposed nine "Planetary Boundaries", global environmental limits below which the risk of changing the planet from one that is hospitable to one that is hostile to humanity is low - the "safe operating space".

Whilst these limits communicate an important message about the health of our planet, they do not help us to answer the question - what should we DO? The Boundaries do not translate easily into policy and action.

Planetary accounting is based on the Planetary Quotas - limits for humankind that have been derived from the Planetary Boundaries, but which make sense at different scales from individual, and community, to businesses and sectors, to regions, cities, and nations.. 

Where the Planetary Boundaries tell us about the planet's health, the Planetary Quotas are a prescription for a healthy planet.​

If you think living within the planet's limits is important, join us now to be part of the community that is driving this change. 

Not ready to join? Please consider showing your support though a small donation, and/or sharing the word through your social media chanels 

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