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Planetary Accounting for Regions & Cities (PARCs) 

PARCs supports local governments to integrate and underpin decision making with what is scientifically necessary for a healthy environment. 
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How can we help?

Our PARCs application can be tailored to suit your organisations ambition and goals. This can range from:

Keen to understand the relevance of Planetary Boundaries, Doughnut Economics, or the United Nations Development Goals to your city or region but not sure where to start?  


We can support you with a tailor-made Exploratory Workshop to help you understand the relevance of these frameworks to your existing strategy and operations and support you to identify opportunities to leverage Planetary Accounting to enable data-driven decision making across your organisation. 

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Want to better understand how this initiative looks in practice?  

We delivered Aotearoa New Zealand’s first Thriving Cities – Doughnut Economics framework at a city scale  

The Dunedin City Council (DCC) is exploring the Thriving Cities Portrait which applies the theory of Doughnut Economics to the city level. Doughnut Economics aims to meet social need whilst respecting environmental limits - the ecological ceilings. PAN were engaged to support the environmental focus of this initiative. 

Together, the DCC and PAN conducted a stocktake of existing strategies, plans and policies and facilitated a series of workshops with DCC teams. This confirmed that the framework was highly relevant to the DCC remit and that there was already strong alignment with existing environmental efforts and measurement.  

PAN then completed a planetary accounting assessment of the Dunedin region – quantifying ten environmental footprints across wai (water), whenua (land), and hau (air), and establishing preliminary science-based targets for each to complete the first iteration of the environmental component of the Otepoti Doughnut.

A key focus for this collaboration was to ensure New Zealand's first doughnut had it's own ‘Aotearoa flavour.’ The Ōtepoti Doughnut has been weaved through the newly established Te Taki Haruru (Māori Strategic Framework), and establishes actionable metrics and targets with Planetary Accounting. This not only puts us on the map with the likes of Amsterdam, Leeds, Devon, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brussels, but it also shows how we can adapt the model to suit our indigenous cultural needs, and how to create an action-oriented Doughnut that embeds the ‘how’ as well as the ‘why’ creating a recipe for success.

'The DCC have engaged the Planetary Accounting Network to help us explore the Ecological Ceiling of the City Portrait. Kate and Gabi have been able to explain a complex idea to staff from across the organisation, answer our many and varied questions, and make us feel more confident as we develop a City Portrait for Dunedin. '' - Maxine O'Neil


Read more about this project in our blog here

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